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DeHaveland Brothers

Beanie Baby Mortuary

      Welcome to the online site for the infamous DeHaveland Brothers' Beanie Baby Mortuary, the world's only known mortuary for stuffed pets.  On this site, you will find a company history (including biographies of our founders), product and service information, and other content we hope you find useful in choosing the best possible option for commemorating your stuffed pet in a meaningful way.  Please explore, and feel free to contact us (using the link below, or writing to The DeHaveland Manse, 666 Decaying Lane, Transylvania) with any questions you might have.

     Why a mortuary for Beanie Babies, you ask? Our line of thinking was simple: the fad's so dead, why not bury it? And we think you'll agree with us when we say that anyone who still has a large collection of the disgusting little things would be glad to find a way to graciously discard them (thus freeing up valuable garage space), without admitting how stupid it was to amass said collection in the first place. "No mere dumpster for my precious babies--we will commemorate them with style!"  We hope to facilitate this noble impulse with caring and a sense of compassion appropriate to the occasion--which is to say, none at all.

     We deeply understand the pain that families suffer at such times, and so we aim to provide both the pet and the family with services both affordable and dignified. We work with each family individually to assure that their pet (or pets) receive a ceremony that will allow the family to say goodbye with dignity, yet without ignoring the pain of loss. What's more, our personal, one-on-one style allows for us to celebrate the life of each pet as we send them on their next great journey. ("Fluffy spent his last years in a cardboard box in the garage, yet they were not sterile years, for he endowed them with life!") We firmly believe in the reincarnation and eternal life of stuffed pets, as necessitated by mass production--no matter how rotted your Fluffy may be, somewhere, another copy lives on.

     We hope to meet all your needs here (whether they've got anything to do with a funeral or not--we are nothing if not versatile businessmen). Ultimately, we aim to provide a mortuary that serves the needs of the larger Beanie Baby collector community, inasmuch as that exists anymore, yet that deals with each individual individually, in an individual manner, as themselves. We hope you'll find that that's what we provide. 



The Beanie Baby(TM) Mortuary is endorsed by THE CRLOAK.
The Crloak says:
      "Crloak loves the area morgues! They're my best friends!" 

Music: Toccata and Fugue in D, 1st movement, by J.S. Bach. Provided by Joshua Kessler.


Questions? Comments? Orders? Contact us at beaniemortuary@excite.com

No, the Beanie Baby™ Mortuary is not associated in any way with Ty Inc., the manufacturers of Beanie Babies™. Too bad for us, huh. Beanie Baby Mortuary and all contents Copyright 2005 by Matthew and Andrew Miller. All rights reserved.